1 Dec

Still Shopping…

I slept in pretty late again since today was my last day to sleep in. For breakfast I had half cranberry orange muffin top from whit’s work(einstein bagels) in pumpkin oats. It tasted so festive.
This has been one very eventful shopping weekend. Today while Whit was at work my sister and I did more X-mas shopping. I am offically done buying for everyone in my family yay! I cannot say the stores we went to because then that might be a clue for Whit to figure out her presents…hehe!(Sorry whit :] )

I have been so resourceful with the leftover turkey day food. For lunch I made a turkey, veggie, and stuffing salad with sweet potatoes and a butt roll. Doesn’t it look amazing… it only took like 5 min. to whip together the whole meal. EASY!

I love these things!

When I got home from shopping, it was dark, I was tired and my momma the whole day off so you know what that mean. A home cooked meal, Yay! When I walked in the door the aroma of soup was in the air. She used up some leftover turkey to make her famous grandma noodle soup. This soup will literally feed your soul it is so good!

Me and whit made broiled some parmesan garlic toast to go along the side.

And for dessert….. PUMPKIN PIE!

Well tommorow is the start of a long week. I hope everyone enjoyed their little holiday break. At least it is only 3 more weeks until our birthday and Christmas break(2 weeks ya!)
-Court and Whit


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