Tuesday 11-24-09

25 Nov

Good Morning! Today Whit and I got to start our Thanksgiving break a day early and sleep in, it was so nice 🙂
For breakfast, we made a baked rasberry cheesecake oatmeal, it was super easy and so worth every bite. oeey gooey Cheese cake goodness, mmm!

To go along with that plate of delicousness, we made a cup of our famous hot cocco toffee coffee

Alot of our morning was spent at this embroidery place, getting courts letterman’s jacket all fixed up. Then, we went grocery shopping for all our Thanksgiving goodies.

Lunch consisted of some Annies white cheddar macaroni, with cherry tomatoes,spinach, and chicken mixed in.

After lunch, we hit up the gym with some running, eliptical, stairmaster, and weights/floorwork. Total 40 min of killer sweating. There was hardly anyone at the gym today, maybe everyone is already done for the week and is ready to inhale some good ol’ Thanksgiving. lol

Then it was time for Court to get ready for work so I made us yogurt parfaits:

Okios with a spoonful of almond butter and granola


For dinner we made a whole wheat veggie laughing cow sandwich, that was pressed on the panini press after this pic, with a veggie filled salad, and some Bnut squash fries

♥Court and Whit

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