Monday 11-23-09

24 Nov


BRR, today was only about 40 degrees. And the house was freezing! Breakfast was some overnight pumpkin butter yogurt oats topped with banana, almonds, and graham cracker.

And to be festive had some Celestial Gingerbread Tea with hot water, honey, and a splash of almond milk.

Lunch was all about using up leftovers today. We gotta make room for all that yummy Thanksgiving food to fit. I made Courtney and I some Quesadilla’s for lunch that were filled with some leftover rice, veggies, and cheese. Also we used up the second half of our butternut squash and made some good chili cayenne fries out of those.

After Lunch, we helped my mom to make some pumpkin cookies for my Dad’s work party tomorrow. It was kinda fun, and we even turned on the Fire to make it cozy. The house smelled like sweet sweet pumpkin. mmm the best! After about an hour, we finally got the motivation to go to the gym even though it was freezing. Just threw on some sweats and drove there getting in a good 45 min of cardio and weights/floorwork.


> 15 min of treadmill, variety inclines/speed

>20 min eliptical level 3

>10 min bike level 3

>arm weight lifting

>back strengthening

>abs on ball/mat

>Stretch =)


Dinner was using up some more leftovers, wonton wrappers and leftover chicken broth to make wonton egg drop soup. It was a delicious success, who knew Court and I could cook Chinese food. We threw a few kashi crackers in the soup, and had a Veggie filled side salad.

Now, I’m wrapped up in my robe, fuzzy socks, and listening to Christmas music. Tomorrow my mom said we don’t have to go to school, so were going to start our Thanksgiving break a day early. I plan on sleeping in, making baked oatmeal, and go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving stuff. Right now I’m looking up toffee cheese cake recipes to make to go along with some Pumpkin pie. Last year we made a carmel turtle one. And tonight I plan on finishing off our Pumpkin ice cream with a pumpkin cookie. I think I might wrap a few presents tomorrow too, I already have almost all of Karstee’s Christmas bought before DECEMBER! Our family started a tradition last year, where you draw out a name, and that is the only person that you buy for, for christmas. It’s very fun, and alot easier. Especially with how huge our family is.


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