Sunday 11-22-09

22 Nov

Starbucks Inspired Morning~

Once again I am up at 5 am on this Sunday morning, while Courtney gets to sleep in. I am headed off to work in about an hour.

This morning I was really craving Starbucks, but with the holidays just around the corner and only a few more pay checks then I needed to make my own.

I made a copy cat of their perfect pot of oatmeal. It tasted just as good if not better and I probable saved myself about $3 right there.

My bowl consisted of:

-1/3 cup of oats

-1/2 of a mashed banana

-1/3 cup of almond milk

-1/3 cup of water

-1 tbs of light Agave nectar (SO GOOD!)

-a handful of raisins, golden raisins, craisins, walnuts, and granola.

It was absolutely scrumptious!


I needed my fix for a peppermint mocha… so I mixed this, hot water, and a little bit of peppermint hot chocolate into a mug. The perfect Starbucks from home breakfast!

Hey guys, Whitney posted this morning, but now she is at work. I have been doing homework all day, I am so sick of it. And it sucks because the Broncos lost. What happened to their winning streak? Oh well. For lunch I had a salad with a bunch of leftovers mixed in and laughing cow and hummus pita wedges on the side.
Well I am off to go to more homework…
Whit is home now and she brought a caramel latte, yay! We both had White Chocolate Macadamia’s for the perfect afternoon snack. Now I think we are going to go and help our older sister move out of her house. She wants to be moved out before Thanksgiving. Be back later 🙂
Finally Dinner…
Me and whit were starving after moving furniture up and down the stairs so we decided to have pasta with garlic toast.
The pasta is Annie’s white cheddar macaroni mixed with spinach, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken and parmesan cheese.
The garlic toast is a piece of wheat bread with a garlic and herb laughing cow cheese smeared on.

Dessert was an iced sugar cookie, it was HUGE! Took me like an hour to eat slowy. So sweet and so worth it. mmm, what a great end to the night.

XoXO Court and Whit ♥

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