Blissful Saturday 11-21-09

22 Nov

Ahh its too early, NOT WORK, boo!

This morning was cold, so I dug out these cute dishes and made a fiber one appple muffin oatmeal with some banana, almond butter and pumpkin butter. All along with some Tropicana 50 OJ.

While enjoying this delicious bowl of oats, I got caught up on some blog reading.

Salad and pudding lunch combo

If you have never tried pudding with granola, you have to! OMG, it tase like a crunch bar. So pretty much I worked for 8 hours, while courtney had a fun day out with our dad shopping, etc. Work was super busy too, everyone was out holiday shopping, and enjoying the nice weather it was making me jealous. lol. Oh well, I just had to keep telling myself “it’s a good day you’re earning money.”

I got off work at 3, and went to about every grocery store to see if Luna bars were on sale, no success. But I did buy some agave nectar onsale for $2 a natural grocers. When I got home, Court and I split a vegtable progresso soup, with half of a green chile bagel sandwich that I brought home from my work. If you have never been to Einstien Bagels, I highly recommend them, they are delish!

After dinnerm we headed down the street to Southlands shoppin center for the lighting of the Christmas Tree and the Parade. It was so fun and festive. However it was freezing, so we walked over to La creperie cafe to get 2 Peppermint hot chocolates. This was the cutest cafe ever, but the most expensive hot chocolate too. I was not that happy, because we had to wait about 20 min, it was over priced, and it wasn’t even hot. Just should have walked a little farther to Starbucks. After watching the tree and performances, we saw the 7:30 showing of “The Blindside.” It was awesome, I love Sandra Bullock =)

Man, I am so tired, and tomorrow is another 8 hour shift! off to bed I go. You have no idea how bad I am looking forward to next wed for somem sleep! My body is craving it truly.
♥Whit and Court

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