Fun filled Friday 11-20-09

20 Nov


Good morning all! Whit and I had to wake up at 4am this morning to get to our school by 6 so that we could leave for our DECA competition.

Breakfast was light because we are getting Krispy Kreme on the bus, but we needed something to hold us over: a peanut butter and bananna smoothie.

Recipe is as follows:

– 1 banana

-3/4 cup of skim milk

– 1 tbs of peanut butter

– 3 ice cubes

On the bus, you can tell it was dark and completely freezing outside!
When we arrived at Johnson and Wales, me and Whit did not have our first role play until 10 am so we explored the campus. It is such a nice school.

Then… around 12:30 it was time to go to lunch. Johnson and Wales is famous for teaching culinary arts, and it showed when we walked into the cafeteria. I have never seen such amazing food to choose from. We both chose the spagetti with marinara and tuscan chicken, with the side of a breadstick and cheesecake. The chocolate cheesecake was the best.

Well I had a lot of fun today, eventhough we took last place in buying and merchandising team. I do not feel bad though because nobody from our school in the same catergory as us even qualified for state, so they must not be teaching us something. Eventhough we did not qualify, I am glad I went. Plus it was way better then going to school.

Finally, we are home but I only have an hour until I have to go to work. I am working from 5-9 pm tonight so I decided to make a yogurt parfait to hold me over till dinner.

Half of a coconut creme pie lara bar broken up into a yoplait yogurt and a sprinkle of eating right granola.

The finishing product!
Man! I am finally home. Work was swamped with people. I think it is because Twilight came out. It was like everytime one of the movies got out then we would get a rush. I was moving non-stop the whole night. Finally dinner! Yay!

I had a leftover egg roll and fried rice from last night. It was just what I needed after such a long day. Whew I am beat time for bed 😛
-Court and Whit

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