Terrific Tuesday! 11-17-09

17 Nov

Breakfast this morining came inspired by the amazing Iowa Girl. We made overnight yogurt oats, to go along with some sugar cookie tea.

-Yogurt oats-
>Put half a container of yogurt in the fridge overnight w/ 1/4 cup of oats
>In the morning add second half
>Then add toppings
We used vanilla yogurt -And topped with:
>1/4 of an apple
>1/2 of a banana
>1 tbs of pumpkin butter
>Dash of cinnamon
>6 chopped almonds


Today was an early day, so we got home around 11:15 and made

omlet in a bag with a side of fruit and toast.

-egg whites
-part skim mozzerella
-fresh garlic

On the toast=Smart balance butter

Then about a half hour later, we hit up the gym. We cranked out :
30 min. on the elliptical level 3 resistance
10 min. on the bike level 6 resistance
5 min. on the treadmill walking at 4.0 mph at a 5.0 incline
Eggs are so filling! For dinner we were not that hungry so we had an avacado turkey hummus wrap on an italian flatout wrap. It was so good. We were going to have pudding w/ granola on the side, but we were way too full. After dinner we booked it to Smoky Hill HS to take the PK test. Then decided we should pull an all nighter to try to finish our History HW. So after the test ended we stopped by 7-11 for a pumpkin spice latte. It was warm and delicious.

The Caffiene was successful in helping us finish by midnight!



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