Monday 11-16-09

17 Nov

This morning was so freezing, but we bundled up in our robes, and came down to this glorius breakfast of french toast and steamed cinnamon milk.
French Toast: cook
-2 slices of cinnamon raisin bread
-1 egg white
-1 tbs of almond milk
-spinkle of cinnamon
-spoonful of pumpkin butter
-drizzle honey
Top With:
-1 tbs strawberry preserves
-half a banana
-drizzle of sugar free syrup


Oh my is all I can say this was like pure heaven! I enjoyed this bar during 3rd period today, and it definatly hit the spot. It tasted like sweey apple pie. So divine =) I will definatly be ordering some of these. Thank you Pure Bar for the samples. I can’t wait to try the chocolate brownie one too.

Lunch was eaten at school today, anf I packed a mixed green salad topped with lots of veggies, chicken, hummus, and laughing cow alongside a juicy clementime.
It was absolutly Fricken freezing by the time school got out, so when court and I got home we made some hot chai tea’s w/ a graham cracker and a hershey’s mint chocolate bar. It definatly hit the spot and warmed us up!
Just look how good that warm frothed milk looks.

After our snack, we did a few chores, then drove over to fitness 19 for a hardcore monday sweat session.
>30 min of treadmill (interval changing)
>10 min of stairstepper
The windows at the gym were so fogged up, you could tell it was cold outside by how hard everyone was breathing. lol. I typically don’t sweat that much, but by the end of this workout I was drenched, it was kinds gross, but It felt amazing.

After that, we came home stretched out, drank a little kombucha, and heated up dad’s wonderful homemade chili. Topped it with a little sargento cheese, some fritos, and special k crackers. Perfection!

Tomorrow is an early day, out of school at 10:45 baby yay! Then, will probably come home, eat lunch, and go to the gym. Tomorrow night is also the PK test for DECA. On friday we are competing in the District competition. Can’t wait, that means getting out of all the sucky classes, gotta love that. Next week is Thanksgiving Break, I can not flippin wait. I already have gotten alot of christmas shopping done, and tomorrow I get paid, so I plan to do a bunch more in the next week or so. I really want to listen to some Christmas music tomorrow, and just really get in the holiday spirit, it is cozy~

♥Whit and Court

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