Wednesday 11-11-09

12 Nov

It was a late day Wednesday, got to sleep in and come home early. We really wanted to go to Starbucks this morning, but decided to save money and make a hazlenut blend at home.

Breakfast: Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast cookie, W/ Hazlenut Latte

I just love carmel marshmallows!

Lunch consisted of the most decadent Tuna melt ever. I used the oroweat health nut bread, melted pepper jack on one side, and put the tuna olive oil mayo on the other side, toast the bread, and heat it in the microwave.

The yogurt was plain okios w/ a scoop of pumpkin butter, and a handful of kashi puffs.

Dinner: Homemade butternut squash soup sprinkled w/ mozzerella, and served with goldfish and kashi crackers
-30 min treadmill
~ 0-6 min= 6mph 2 inc
~ 6-10 min= 4mph 5 inc
~ 10-11 min= 8 mph 2 inc
~ 11-13 min= 7 mph 2 inc
~ 13-15 min= 6 mph 2 inc
~ 15-17 min= 5 mph 2 inc
~ 17-20 min= 4 mph 5 inc
~ 20-25 min= 6 mph 2 inc
~ 25-29 min= 4 mph 5 inc
~29-30 min = 7 mph 2 inc
-10 min Eliptical
level 3
-5 min bike
level 3
-5 min stair stepper
level 6


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