Finally FRIDAY 11-6-09

9 Nov

This morning we could barely pull ourselves out of bed, we were so tired. So we decided we needed to make some coffee. We made our own pumpkin spice lattes. Then we split a cinnamon sugar bagel and slathered on the homemade pumpkin butter Court made, with a side of okios yogurt and kashi puffs. This breakfast hit the pumpkin spot.

Today was a “b” day at school so that means a really late lunch, so a snack was much needed.
Since we went shopping yesterday and got such great fresh veggies, we made a spinach, tomatoe, carrot, pickle, hummus, parmesan salad. The pickle adds so much flavor.
Then after school I hurried up and made Court a snack before she had to go to work. She only worked 5-9pm so that means she doesn’t get a break for dinner.

Barbaras peanut butter puffins, a dash of almond milk, half of a banana, and a spoonful of pumpkin butter heated up in the microwave.
Then for dinner I went to visit Courtney at work and got a chargrilled and splurged for a small Peppermint choc. chip shake. YUMMY!

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