6 Nov

Man, I could barely open my eyes this moring. Waking up at 5AM every morning is tuff. I needed some caffine, so opted for Bigelow Pomegranate green tea. Alongside my smoothie in a cup like Jamba Juice, I already had mixed it together, but it was topped with banana and granola.

Snack On the way to the grocery store

Lunch: One half of flat-out light italian wrap made into a pizza (laughing cow, spinach, tomatoe, chicken, and mozzerella). Along with a salad.
After lunch Court and I had ortho appointments to fix our Spurs, then we hit up the gym for a quick 30 min workout.

While making dinner a pickle sounded yummy!

Dinner: Vegan Chickapea cake with leftover sweet potatoe fries, and veggies

Courtney was fantastic, and made this homemade pumpkin butter in the crockpot for 5 hrs. We are planning on having some tomorrow. It smells Divine =)

And With my Hungry Girl book I made the “Too Good To Deny Pumpkin Pie.” But it is still setting in the fridge, so I might just have to enjoy that tomorrow night.

Lunch is packed, and now it’s time to do lame Homework. Have a wonderful night!

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