5 Nov

Breakfast: Old fashioned oats, topped with almond milk, banana, PB, and cinnamon, and a sprinkle of granola

Yay new PB!

Ready for school it was chilly out
Mid-Morning Snack: Cascadian Farm Great Harvest Bar

Lunch: Italian flat out wrap burrito w/ Fuji Apple
Dinner: Blueberry Waffle W/ a glass of steamed milk

HAPPY HUMP DAY! Today we got to sleep in till 5:30 it felt amazing. Then, breakfast consisted of some oats and then it was off to a long day of school. My marketing class is selling Cold Stone cakes for a fundraiser though, so I did get a sliver of that 3rd period. (Cookie dough, mmm). Then, afterschool the house was freezing so I laid in my bed for about 30 min. My arms and legs are so sore from the past couple of days at the gym, so todays workout was the ONDEMAND Jillian Michaels “Boost Metabolism.” Our brother apparently has the swine flu, so after working out we drove him over some apple juice and chicken noodle. What good sisters we are. =) lol. And finally when we got back we made fantastic heart healthy blueberry belgian waffles, topped with sugar free syrup, banana, and cinnamon just the way I like them!

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