4 Nov

School was an early day today. I absolutly love A days. Courtney amd I got out at 10:45 AM. Then we went home and cooked some tomatoe soup with a very thin 5 cheese flat bread pizza. (Frushetta, AMAZING!) Then, we were off to the Gym. Todays workout consist of
-30 min Eliptical level 3
-10 Minutes Bike level 5
-5 Minutes stairclimber level 6
-5 min Treadmill incline 5 speed 4
-Weights, and floor work
After lunch we picked up some things for dinner and lunches at safeway. Then, we rushed home so Court could get ready for work. And guess what I got a coupon from her work AKA Chick-fil-a to go get myself one of their pepermint shakes, yum =)

Afternoon Snack: The wonderful Peanut Butter Puffins heated up with some almond milk
Dinner: Spicy Turkey burger topped w/ part skim mozzerella, avacado, and a dallop of hummus. Along with some carrots and sweet potatoe fries.

Now it’s off to the old Homework and getting everything ready for the morning.

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