16 Sep

MONDAY: Today was a really good DAY! We got our LISCENCE!!! Then, right after we went and picked up our really cute 2001 Honda civic EX. It was very exciting.

Break: Greek yogurt, Blueberry
eggo w/ Almond butter

Mid-morning Snack: Cascadian Farm

Harvest spice granola bar

Lunch: 2 pieces of Fruchetta
Pizza, with salad

Dinner: Homeade whole wheat bean, cheese, chicken,
rice Burrito w/ grapes
Workout: Tread/Eliptical, floorwork
TUESDAY: It was a long day of school today, I barely
made it through my workout which was running, and
p90x ab ripper X. Some exciting news though is Courtney got a second interview at Chick-Fila yay!
Breakfast: Glass of Sugar-Free Chocolate
Carnation Instant Breakfast, w/ some
dry cereal
Snack: Kashi Blackberry Graham
Lunch: Bean salad, with half an apple
Dinner: Egg whites, Whole Wheat
English muffin, and an orange.

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