FRIDAY TGIF!!! 9-11-09

11 Sep

I woke up this morning and it was so hard to get out of bed, I was so fricken tired eventhough it was only a 4 day week. (The longest 4 day week). But it’s all good, because now I just finally got that job I wanted the other day, now me and court just have to find a car this weekend. Our drivers test is on Monday. Also, we have to help our older sister with her garage sell tomorrow. So this weekend is looking kinda busy already. (Garage sell, HW, Practice driving, find car, find courtney a job, workout, chores, church, make chilli that mom wants). All I can say is I can not wait to get some good sleep this weekend. I found this healthy cinammon roll recipe online, so I will probably make those tomorrow morning.

Breakfast: Half of a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel, with light cream cheese and strawberry preserve on top, side of a banana, and some skim milk

Snack: Kashi TLC Blackberry Graham

Lunch: Salad mixed in with chicken, a little bit of the Kashi Pilaf leftover from last night, and some peanuts

Snack: Dannon Light n’ Fit Watermelon Yogurt, with 1 cinnamon graham cracker mixed in

Workout: Nope rest day today =)


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