8 Sep


Monday was a good labor day, for breakfast we had an egg white spinach omlet, with half a peice of toast, half grapefruit, and some skim milk. For lunch chick-fila was giving away free chicken sandwiches, so we went and got one of those. Then, we were at Sams Club with our dad so for a treat we had a Churro. And finally for Dinner a chicken salad w/ corn bread. Mondays workouts were the elpitical and treadmill, P90X ab ripper X, and a 45 min walk.


Breakfast: PB Banana Smoothie, and dry cereal

Snack: Cherry Pie Larna Bar
Lunch: Whole wheat chicken salad wrap with a cherry dannon light n’ fit yogurt
Dinner: Turkey burger w/ baked italian seasoned fries
Workout: Tread/eliptical, and less more pilates (ONDEMAND)
Dessert: Kashi TLC Oatmeal rasin cookie, and soy chocolate milk

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